Poppy Keen- Premier Logistics

Company: Premier Logistics

Role: Assistant Accountant

Like many in the logistics industry, Poppy hadn’t considered working in the sector before she landed a job in the finance department of Premier Logistics, based in Leicestershire.


As the step-daughter of CEO Lee Christopher, she was introduced to the sector after studying criminology and psychology at college. Her original plan was to study psychology at university, but she found herself eager to break out of education and into a career as soon as she could.


Transferable skills she’d gained from her studies gave her the confidence and ambition to thrive in Premier’s finance team as Assistant Accountant. She started the role in November 2023 and enrolled on a level two AAT apprenticeship in accountancy, bookkeeping and finance in January 2024.


“Criminology and psychology are investigative and so is finance – you definitely have to be a problem solver. I enjoy learning on the job, working with money, handling people’s accounts, and talking to customers.”


Despite family connections in the business, Poppy has been treated as any other employee. “I was interviewed like everyone else and there have been no special perks, this is a very fair and equal working space. We’re all considered family, and we all represent Lee. We have to put ourselves at his standard and practice a similar work ethic because when people deal with us, they’re dealing with an extension of Lee and his values.”


Brought up around vehicle enthusiasts, Poppy was pleased to discover career prospects in logistics. “I’ve always liked cars and so working in logistics is interesting to me and it’s a different kind of career – especially as a girl. I’m outnumbered when it comes to the transport department but it’s mainly women in accounts. It’s nice to do something that’s normally male dominated. Women sometimes have a different perspective on things that I think positively impacts the business.”


She’s so impressed with the opportunities in the sector that she has ideas on how to attract more of her generation to it.


“A lot of people my age have never thought about working logistics, they don’t even know what it means! It’s a massive industry but so upspoken about so it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind if it weren’t for Lee. Getting more young people into logistics is important. I think it starts with jobs fairs – you never really see the logistics industry represented at them. When I was at college, I thought finance would be boring, so I think making it more approachable by going to jobs fairs with younger colleagues is one way of appealing to younger workers.”