Stephen Shipley – X2

Company: X2

Role: Logistics Broker

Stephen’s role involves; Generating leads and attracting new prospects, and developing a sales pipeline, identifying, and selecting reputable and safe carriers for freight services, negotiating rates with clients and customers to maximise profit, and tracking status of loads.


There was no qualification requirement for his role. Stephen found his role on a Job Site. He enjoyed his previous role as a transport manager in the waste industry, so this was something he wanted to carry on doing. Stephen also previously worked with planning drivers and has a strong background in building relationships with new and existing customers.


The best thing about Stephen’s role is converting a new customer, getting that first load off them gives him the satisfaction of the trust they have in him.

Building the relationship and volume with his current biggest customer has been his biggest achievement to date. This was given to him when his colleague, at the time, didn’t have the patience to engage. Stephen used this as a project to increase his workload by himself.