Tom Haskayne – ASDA

Company: ASDA

Role: Stock & Systems Manager

Tom is a great example of two very different, but equally positive, aspects of logistics. 

Firstly the long-term career prospects. Tom has worked his way up since joining ASDA Logistics to his current role:

“I’ve worked my way from being a picker to my current role managing a team of 52 people.”

And secondly, the incredible rate of innovation within the sector:

“The original picking position that I used to do was done with a hand-pump truck and paper, but today everything is wirelessly connected to the pick unit. It’s increased efficiency massively within the business.”

Ultimately though, it’s the team that really makes the difference for Tom. 

“I enjoy getting up in the morning and coming to work. I work with a great bunch of people that make the day fly by.”