Consultancy is a bit of a specialist area, whereby independent professionals with specific skills are drafted in to help businesses out. 

Often these relate to issues outside of the day-to-day operations; potentially when a business might want to implement a process change, or upskill staff in a specific area. 

You can explore the specific roles below. Check out the prospects, the pay and the requirements – and see if it sounds like you.

salary prospects

Salaries start from £24K, reaching £32K after the first 12 – 18 months.

role description

The delivery and management of either a specific project, or perhaps a series of projects over a period of time. It’ll likely include managing a team of people and generally being a key decision maker and problem solver along the way.

entry requirements?

This is one where experience is needed – but that experience can be gained either by progression through from another role in logistics, or through management skills from another industry.

what sort of person?

Those who like to be challenged by their work; who find the devil in the details as well as being both numerate, good with IT and able to both problem solve and, where necessary, make strategic assessments.


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