This is a particularly future-orientated area, in the sense that it’s responsible for ensuring that the sector is able to innovate and evolve in line with a more environmentally aware global economy.

Whether it’s looking at the decarbonisation of the supply chain, or low natural resource usage in warehousing, it’s an ever growing and ever more important part of modern logistics.

salary prospects

Dependent on experience but it could be anything from £25K to £28K, for a more senior position.

role description

Ensuring that all parts of the supply chain are minimising their environmental impacts according to the standards, KPIs and targets set. That might range from managing and educating staff teams in the warehouse and beyond, to the innovation and implementation of more sustainable technologies and methodologies.

entry requirements?

Like so many logistics roles, you’ll need certain qualifications for more senior positions, but there are plenty of entry level roles that simply require enthusiasm and the willingness to learn (and on-the-job qualifications along the way).

what sort of person?

Those who are passionate about sustainability and positive change, but who are also innately practical. After all, as well as engaging with progressive green technologies and innovation, many of the roles centre around implementation, which often calls for pragmatism, strong communication skills and an ability to problem solve.


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