Operations Excellence

Perhaps one of the most diverse areas of logistics, operations excellence is a multi-disciplinary grouping of roles united by a common objective to support and improve upon day-to-day operations.

It’s not necessarily doing the doing; it’s more analysing and educating so that everything can be done a little better.

You can explore the specific roles below. Check out the prospects, the pay and the requirements – and see if it sounds like you.


Dependent on experience but it could be anything from £24K to £26K, for a more senior position.

You’ll have specialist knowledge in a particular area of operations, and be able to make relevant recommendations to help improve it, whether it’s health & safety, sustainability, project management, quality & compliance, customs & excise or anything else.

They could be any and varied, but naturally you’d need proven experience and expertise in your field. However, the most valuable experience is practical employment experience, so it’s the sort of role that’s perfect as a target for progression and longer term ambition.

Those who have an analytical mind and stay cool under pressure, while also being great communicators and results driven.

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