working in logistics

Working in Logistics

The lowdown on everything you need to know to consider a career in logistics.

Are you considering working in logistics?

If so, good on you! Because logistics offers a diverse range of careers – all of which have a whole lot going for them.

But the first thing you need to know is that logistics is just one type of career opportunity. Everything, in one way or another, is orientated around transporting goods (virtually anything!) from one place to another. But doing so requires all sorts of skills from right across the career spectrum.

Engineers, digital programmers, marketers, accountants, mechanics, drivers, managers, planners, consultants, human resource specialists – logistics needs them all.

So when you talk about working in logistics, you’re talking about a sector, rather than a single specific set of skills.

Want to know more about logistics jobs? Read on, or check out our breakdown of logistics job families.

Is logistics a good career?

You bet!

And the great thing about it is that it holds true regardless of how you define ‘good career’.

For example, for some people that’ll be about prospects and pay.

For other’s it’ll be about the opportunities to travel, the variety, or indeed the social purpose behind the work.

Whatever it is, logistics has it.

Growth and advancement opportunities.

In logistics, the opportunities for growth, progression and promotion are there for everybody. You might join in an entry level position, straight from high school, with no formal qualifications. Or you might join as a graduate. Or as someone who’s changing careers, with transferable skills, looking for a fresh start.

Regardless, your potential is decided only by you. Our sector has a culture of promoting from within; cherishing the on-the-job experience you’ll be getting every day and fueling long-term ambition.

Today warehouse operative, tomorrow CEO.

Making a Real-World Impact.

Logistics is an essential industry. It’s everything and anything to everywhere and anywhere.

As well as being parcels to your door and cargo around the world, it’s also food on the shelves, medicine to the sick, aid to the needy.

Logistics is a career where the impacts are real every single day.

Competitive salaries and rewards.

Salaries in logistics are highly competitive and particularly so for specialist skills. For example, qualified tanker drivers can earn £60k. And those who progress through to senior positions (regardless of where they started) can earn far north of that.

But the rewards aren’t just financial. There’s also the people you’ll be working alongside, the excitement of being on your career journey, and the impact you’re making on the world.

Be part of the logistics innovation.

Modern logistics is all about innovation – about using cutting-edge technology to find ways to do things better, quicker and more sustainably.

So as well as being a brilliant sector for career progression and personal growth, it’s also a career for those who want to push at the boundaries of what’s possible, whether that’s game changing delivery tech or the decarbonisation of the supply chain.

Embrace diversity and inclusion.

A sector as diverse as ours needs a diverse workforce. All ages, all backgrounds, all skillsets.

The greater the diversity of people, the greater the diversity of the skills in the sector, the better the sector will be.

Because of that, you can be sure that logistics is somewhere that your talents will be appreciated, where your skills will be developed, and where your ambitions can be realised.

What’s it like working in logistics?

Well let’s hear from young people who already do:

Benjamin Albert – GXO
Innovation Analyst

“Logistics is so vast and offers all sorts of different roles for different characters. It’s incredibly diverse and can help you develop quickly.”

Katie Langford – GXO
Regional HR Manager

“I had never considered logistics before applying for my internship. I thought I would give it a go, and absolutely loved it. If you thrive in a fast-paced and diverse environment, then you’ll enjoy a career in logistics.”

Esther Kabiito – DFDS
Graduate Management Trainee

“Working in logistics gave me fresh perspectives on life. But most importantly helps me meet new people, explore new cities whilst working in a job that has lots to offer.”

Elise Harris – CEVA
Tender Management Support

“In my role I am free to go into the office as I please and have the opportunity to travel abroad for business, meaning no two days at work feel the same.”

Lottie Leigh-Browne – GXO
Environmental Manager UK & Ireland

“The complexities of the logistics industry fascinate me. To be at the forefront of the conversations around alternative fuels, renewable energy and sustainable initiatives is very exciting.”

What skills do you need?

The great thing about logistics careers is that it applies to such a wide range of specialties.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the in-demand skillsets in logistics:

Planning and organisational skills: Keeping track of inventory, scheduling deliveries, and ensuring everything arrives on time requires a keen eye for detail and a talent for organisation.

Communication and interpersonal skills: Whether you’re liaising with clients, coordinating with warehouse teams, or negotiating with suppliers, strong communication skills are key to success in logistics.

Problem-solving skills: Logistics is a fast-paced environment where unexpected challenges can arise. Being a resourceful problem-solver is a valuable asset in navigating these situations.

Technical skills: These are the skills you gain through education and training, like engineering for maintaining warehouse machinery, or digital programming for developing logistics software.

Industry-specific skills: As you gain experience in logistics, you’ll develop specific skills like understanding supply chain management or regulatory compliance.

Many of these skills can be developed through on-the-job training and experience. Not sure where to start? Check out our page on entry points to a career in logistics for more information on the different ways to get your foot in the door.

What careers are on offer?

Logistics is all about dynamic roles that keep the world moving, allowing you specialise in something you’re truly passionate about. On top of these sector specialisations, there are also many popular job titles within logistics that offer exciting career paths. Here are a few to pique your interest:

Warehouse Operations: Warehouse Manager, Inventory Control Specialist, Order Picker/Packer

Transportation & Delivery: Delivery Driver, Truck Driver, Logistics Coordinator, Pilot, Train Conductor

Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Analyst, Demand Planner, Procurement Specialist

Logistics Engineering: Logistics Engineer, Transportation Planner, Sustainability Specialist

Other Areas: Customer Service Representative, Data Analyst, Marketing Specialist, Human Resources Specialist

This is not exhastive, of course. With so many specialist roles and niche areas, there’s a logistics career out there to suit almost any interest or skillset. Explore all the possibilities on our opportunities page. You’ll find detailed information on a variety of logistics careers

Would YOU like to work in logistics?

If so, make sure you check out our Find Your Path page for all sorts of useful info on beginning a career in logistics.

Or visit our Job Family page to explore the different types of roles.

And read more about the stories of people who are already making their way in the sector.

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