At DFDS, we keep Europe moving through a wide range of freight services from ferry, to complex logistics and transport solutions. With over 11,000 colleagues in over 20 countries and creating revenues of EUR 1.9bn, we deliver solutions to over 8,400 freight customers.

For six million passengers, we provide safe overnight and short sea ferry services. With our continuous learning culture, we place a huge focus on development and career opportunities. Be part of DFDS and be part of the movement.

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Graduate Management Trainee


Freddie Allan – DFDS

Role: Graduate Management Trainee

Finding the right graduate placement can be a difficult tax – something Freddie knows all too well.

“When you are looking for grad-schemes you see a lot of bad job adverts that ask for unrealistic levels of work experience.”

But when he found a role in logistics, he liked the way the opportunity was advertised. It suited his attitude, and his skillset.

“This job advert was all about whether you have the raw skills and personality to make the job your own.”

He didn’t really know what the job was going to entail at the outset, but it certainly felt like a good connection. He liked the people he met during the recruitment process, and admired the positivity and energy of the business.

Freddie freely admits logistics isn’t always easy to explain to outsiders. His previous role in Border Compliance could draw some blank looks, though a placement in warehousing is a little more familiar. He has learnt one significant lesson though.

“It is essential to be able to connect with different types of people and to be willing to ask questions. The people you work with are your most valuable resource when starting out in this industry, so it is vital that you make the most of them.”

Graduate Management Trainee


Esther Kabiito – DFDS

Role: Graduate Management Trainee

There aren’t many career choices that can match logistics for breadth of experience and opportunity. That’s certainly been Esther’s experience, who joined DFDS after graduation as a management trainee.

“DFDS business is very broad with ferry and logistics divisions. I was attracted to how the placements were structured – four placements of six months across different areas provide an opportunity to learn so much within two years.”

Those placements have already taken Esther, who’s first contact with logistics was working for a construction company in Uganda, to towns and cities across the UK and Ireland.

“This gives me fresh perspectives on life. But most importantly helps me meet new people, explore new cities whilst working in a job that has lots to offer. The programme also has development days where I get to meet the larger graduate community while having fun.”

But it’s not all about exploration. Esther has been benefitting from the kind of personal connections that help build strong skills and lasting careers.

“Having a dedicated mentor with many years of experience is one of the things I enjoy most about my role. She gives me wisdom from her experience that I need to help me advance.”

Apprentice Data Analyst


Arnold Brighton – DFDS

Role: Apprentice Data Analyst

An apprenticeship with DFDS seemed like the ideal first step towards a dream job elsewhere, and after some research he became very excited to apply. Arnold had set his sights on a data-related role, but after dropping out of university and moving home to a small town, he thought his options were limited.

“I hadn’t considered a career in logistics before I saw the apprenticeship posting, although once I had done some research into the industry, I realised the immense possibilities. I didn’t know what to expect, but I can say now that the industry is very friendly and welcoming, everyone has similar goals and the opportunities are growing.”

Arnold’s role involves capturing data from available sources to verify, analyse and report his findings. His work makes everyday processes more efficient, and brings him a lot of satisfaction.

“There was a complex process a department was doing every week that took one person over a day to complete. I created a tool for them, and this process now takes under two minutes.”

Having already completed many informal courses on the job, all funded by DFDS, Arnold is keen to expand his learning. He’s energised and excited by the prospects that working in logistics offers.

“Logistics is a key industry worldwide and will always exist, it is becoming highly innovative with new technology and seems to be getting more recognition for its importance. It is a very safe and beneficial choice for a long-term career; once you are established, the possibilities of both horizontal and vertical career growth are endless.”