HOYER is a global logistics company specialising in the transportation of liquids, chemicals and gas.

In the UK we deliver petrol and diesel on behalf of major oil companies including Esso, Shell and BP; along with some chemicals, gases and Bitumen. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and safety performance, and are well known for our industry leading training. Our 1,500 colleagues and 540 vehicles operate from 35 locations throughout the country, including our Head Office in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

We are leaders in driver training

At HOYER we care for and respect each other. Safety is key given the flammable and hazardous products we carry; ensuring that our drivers, the public and the environment are protected.

Our colleagues are rewarded with competitive pay and benefits, and many roles allow for some hybrid working and flexible hours. We are leaders in driver training and ensure all roles are advertised to existing employees so that personal development is regularly available.

If it’s a fast-track into management positions you’re looking for, then it’s worth considering our successful Graduate Programme that is supported with ongoing employee development. This comprises of a wide-ranging programme of fully-funded training for anyone keen to increase skills, and includes apprenticeships and apprenticeship degrees.

“My career at HOYER has developed my skills as a person as well as professionally and I feel proud of how we prioritise training to put safety first and achieve industry excellence in this area.”

Eddie Lewis, Senior Driver Training Instructor


30% of our Operational Managers were once members of our Graduate Scheme. Successful graduates may become a Location Transport Manager or take a similar management role within two years.


Don’t have a degree? For many of our office-based roles we value skill sets gained from other jobs and industries. Or, we have entry level advisor or administrator positions where experience is not essential.


We invest heavily in driver training for those joining our company – and those experienced. We’re committed to upholding safety standards that keep our drivers safe and meet our customers’ requirements in a secure and efficient manner.

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Driver Trainer Instructor


Edward Knight – HOYER

Role: Driver Trainer Instructor

Before 2015, Edward had worked in a variety of different roles, from collecting food waste to retail management. Working in transport had always appealed to him, so when an opportunity came up with HOYER, he was quick to apply for a career switch.

The opportunity for growth and ongoing training played a big part, “In the early days I started driving a van full of parcels, using a map, and have now subsequently progressed to driving Class 1 Vehicles… Whilst working in transport I have always recognised that being a fuel tanker driver is hard to get into and is also known as being a very good job.”

Edward enjoyed the initial three weeks of training. “Three weeks sounds a long time but there are a lot of things to cover. Even now issues can arise but there is always someone there to help.” He went on to complete additional training to improve his own standard of driving; from skid pan training to advanced road driving, allowing him to pass his knowledge on to his students.

“I’ve enjoyed the training provided, from first doing the initial training then progressing to ongoing improvement. This is how all industries should train but sadly it does not happen. There are always improvements to be made or other training to learn from.”

Day-to-day, Edward enjoys the freedom of being on the road, with its varied views, and the sunsets and sunrises that a changing shift pattern provides. The satisfaction of knowing a job has been done well is also important to him, “It’s rewarding seeing an empty truck at the end of the day when you didn’t think it would be possible.”

Since switching to a job in logistics, Edward has had the opportunity to become a Driver Training instructor and is relishing the new challenge: “This is a great opportunity to learn new parts of the business and develop skills I have previously used as a driving instructor. I’m looking forward to my initial training so I can provide quality training to the standard HOYER and drivers would expect.”

Fuel Tanker Driver


Rhys Foxcroft – HOYER

Role: Fuel Tanker Driver

Though there’s a vast diversity of roles and opportunities in the logistics industry, at its heart the sector is about getting things from A to B. And that’s exactly what Rhys does.

‘I’m a Fuel Tanker Driver for HOYER – I deliver fuel to forecourts around the UK.’

It’s a skilled job, requiring qualifications such as an ADR in Class 3 Flammables, a PDP (Petroleum Drivers Passport), and a Class 1 Licence. So it’s no surprise that Rhys feels a sense of achievement from rising to the role at such an early stage in his career.

‘When I first got my Class 1 Licence, my goal was to end up on the fuel tankers. HOYER made that goal possible! I never expected to have that opportunity at the age of 20.’

For Rhys, an employer willing to give young people with skill and motivation a chance to succeed doesn’t just mean a job. It’s a career, and a rewarding one at that.

‘I enjoy driving, so I thought… why not get paid to do it? It’s the best thing about my role.’

Fuel tanker driver


Diana Takacsova – Fuel tanker driver

Role: Fuel tanker driver

Diana was interested in the transport industry from a young age, and came to the UK with a clear dream: to drive! In time, that ambition evolved into something more specific and skilled:

“I used to drive around Heathrow airport and see fuel tankers driving around. And I had this vision of myself doing that.”

But of course, to achieve that dream Diana needed qualifications. She completed her licences in Class 1 (articulated vehicle), Class 2 (rigid vehicle) and CPC, followed by the tanker specific ADR in class 3 – flammable, PDP.

She went on to take a role with HOYER, and is currently based at Hemel Hempstead, transporting fuel across South East England and beyond. As an essential string to her bow, she’s trained to load and discharge the fuel tankers she drives which requires further technical expertise.

Diana loves what she does, and thrives on its significance in the modern world.

“It’s very important because without fuel the economy would be at a standstill. For me, I’ve never felt happier in the workplace.”