InstaDeep applies AI to complex business problems.

The London-headquartered AI company develops decision-making systems for cargo packing, routing, scheduling, fleet management and more. CB Insights has ranked InstaDeep among the world’s most innovative 100 private AI companies for three years running. InstaDeep collaborates with Google on AI initiatives and has published joint research with DeepMind and Google Research. InstaDeep also works with Deutsche Bahn on automating railway scheduling.

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AI Research Engineer


Christina Kouridi – InstaDeep

Role: AI Research Engineer

Christina graduated from university with a masters degree and took her first step into logistics as a supply chain manager and consultant. But then she became interested in AI, and what machine learning could bring to the sector.

“I’ve always been drawn to hard problems. And bin packing is one of the hardest ‘unsolvable’ problems in computer science.’

Bin packing is an organisational problem, crucial to logistics, which focuses on how to fit goods of different sizes into the minimal possible amounts of containers.

“It’s theoretically an unsolvable problem, however, by applying re-enforceable learning we were able to get to solutions that humans would otherwise never be able to achieve.”

Christina finds these solutions through specialised software known as DeepPack:

“It’s AI powered, and helps to optimise loads, so we can best pack a set of items in a container. The algorithm behind the software is unique. Firstly because it’s the first to use machine learning to address the problem, and secondly because it applies reinforcement learning on a really large scale.

“It’s the first of its kind.”