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We are connecting and simplifying trade to help our customers grow and thrive. And by delivering innovative, end-to-end logistics solutions we believe we can give all our customers a significant edge to realise their full potential.

Connecting the world seamlessly, transparently and dependably is our way to help making the benefits of trade more accessible to everybody. With a dedicated team of around 80,000 employees, operating in 130 countries, we go all the way to enable global trade for a growing world.

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Customs Processing Administrator


Betsy Porter – Maersk

Role: Customs Processing Administrator

Some people enjoy routine – the same tasks and challenges, learnt and overcome. But for Betsy Porter, a rewarding career is one in which diversity pops up on a daily basis.

“I chose the position because I knew each day would be different. I felt my role would challenge me, and before I joined I was looking forward to developing my knowledge.”

Her responsibilities as a Customs Processing Administrator at Maersk are diverse and fulfilling. “My role consists of handling a range of customs entries for a range of customers and items – systems such as Destin8, CNS and CDS.”

Why fulfilling? “I learn something new every day”, says Betsy. There’s always room for development and practice, improving my customer service skills all the time.”

Betsy’s enthusiastic approach has led to responsibility too, trusted by leaders in her department and team.

“My career highlight? Being asked to be my department’s CDS champion. We needed one key person to learn all the ins and outs of the new (CDS) system, before completing training with our wider team.

That person was Betsy, and her abilities and commitment helped ensure a smooth transition within the department. And, we expect, a smooth transition along her chosen career path too.

Customs Process Administrator


Neve O’Callaghan – Maersk

Role: Customs Process Administrator

Neve was at a point in her life when she wanted to further her career within an organisation that supports young people and loves to see them thrive. After being referred for her position by a family member, Neve quickly slipped into place amongst a team she now considers to be the best part of her job.

“What attracted me to the job was how everyone I spoke to who has worked for Maersk always had a positive experience.”

As a Customs Process Administrator, Neve’s role is to help complete the documents required for different types of cargo to enter and or leave the country. Her role requires excellent time management, reliability, and a drive to grasp the diverse opportunities that Maersk offers by the horns.

“There are no specific qualifications required for this Job. Just an individual that is willing to learn and adapt to what has been thrown their way. I think anyone can do well in this job as long as they have the right attitude.”

Neve has really enjoyed seeing herself grow from when she first started, to the position to where she is now, “My career highlight is probably seeing how much my confidence has grown, having come into this field without any prior knowledge.”

Senior Customs Process Administrator


Jessica Knights – Maersk

Role: Senior Customs Process Administrator

Looking back on our career expectations, it often feels as if the advice we were given at school has no relevance to the opportunities we eventually end up pursuing – so no career is worth discounting! That’s something Jessica, a Senior Customs Process Administrator, proves in droves.

“When I was at school… if I’m being honest, I didn’t think of logistics as a career path! I applied with the basic school qualifications required, and a degree. Within a year I’ve been promoted to a Senior role, a promotion that comes with more responsibilities but more rewards too.”

Looking after customers means no two days look the same for Jessica. “I might be actioning emails, talking to customers, completing entries or problem solving – finding more efficient ways of doing a process to save time and resources.”

She manages a big account, and a team to help service it. That brings the opportunity to train others, delegate jobs and manage their development. And though Jessica took to her role from the off, she’s also built on her qualifications with training on the job.

“Since joining, I’ve had the opportunity to gain my Level 2 Customs Academy qualification, and to go on to study for Level 4. I also frequently use e-learning to expand my knowledge.”

But the best thing about her role? “I love who I work with. Even though Maersk is a large corporation, I always feel valued. It’s a warm, family-friendly feeling amongst my team.”