As a leading multinational retailer, with more than 345,000 colleagues, we aim to serve customers every day with affordable, healthy and sustainable food – to help them enjoy a better quality of life and an easier way of living.

Our core purpose is to Serve our customers, communities and planet a little better every day, which means we always keep customers at the heart of what we do, while also reflecting our responsibilities to the communities we serve and to society more broadly.

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Driver Trainers


Paul & Simon Tremaine – Tesco

Roles: Driver Trainers

Paul and Simon began their careers in logistics alongside their father 30 years ago.

“Our dad also said to us when we were out with him: ‘that’s the firm you want to be working for boys, Tesco!’ We all applied for Tesco jobs, and we got them.”

Both Paul and Simon became drivers straight from school and have worked alongside each other ever since.

“We’ve progressed to driver trainers. It’s rewarding when you see the apprenticeship guys come through. It’s great to see that someone else has taken on your knowledge and put it into action.”

For both, the appeal of the job isn’t just the teaching, but the togetherness of the team.

“We love our jobs. It’s like coming to work with our family, you know? That’s what helps keep a lot of people here, the camaraderie.”

Customer Fulfilment Centre Manager


Lucy Mackay – Tesco

Role: Customer Fulfilment Centre Manager

Lucy believes that the skills she gained at school and university have proven themselves to be incredibly transferable, setting her up perfectly for a career in the logistics industry.

Without the need to follow a specific educational route, or have decades of experience under her belt to make a difference, she’s excited about the skills she can continue to develop as her career within logistics progresses.

“The beauty of our industry is that it is open to all. The industry needs diverse problem solvers, and a workforce that can adapt and overcome challenges.”

Within her role as Customer Fulfilment Centre Manager for Tesco, Lucy thrives on the fact that no two days look the same. The fast-paced environment allows her to adapt to new challenges as she goes, constantly adding new strings to her bow.

The pace with which she’s been encouraged and supported to progress to her current role after just three short years with Tesco brings Lucy a lot of pride and satisfaction:

“As a young female within logistics, I’m running a customer fulfilment centre that services over 3,000 customers everyday and have the responsibility to ensure my 1,100 colleagues get home safely everyday.”

Lucy is keen to stress that her passion for her work and her drive to progress have been key to her progression: “There is huge opportunity for career growth within logistics.”

Business Graduate

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