Why Logistics


With any career, prospects matter. You want to know that you’re going somewhere.

In logistics, the opportunities for growth, progression and promotion are there for everybody. You might join in an entry level position, straight from high school, with no formal qualifications. Or you might join as a graduate. Or as someone who’s changing careers, with transferable skills, looking for a fresh start.

Regardless, your potential is decided only by you. Our sector has a culture of promoting from within; cherishing the on-the-job experience you’ll be getting every day and fueling long term ambition.

Today warehouse operative, tomorrow CEO.


Logistics keeps the world moving.

It’s not just an important industry but an essential industry. It’s everything and anything to everywhere and anywhere.

As well as being parcels to your door and cargo around the world, it’s also food on the shelves, medicine to the sick, aid to the needy.

Logistics is an area where the impacts are real every single day.


Logistics is an industry that rewards effort, talent and attitude.

Salaries in logistics are highly competitive and particularly so for specialist skills. For example, qualified tanker drivers can earn £60k. And those who progress through to senior positions (regardless of where they started) can earn far north of that.

But the rewards aren’t just financial. There’s also the people you’ll be working alongside, the excitement of being on your career journey, and the impact you’re making on the world.


Modern logistics is all about innovation – about using cutting edge technology to find ways to do things better, quicker and more sustainably.

So as well as being a brilliant sector for career progression and personal growth, it’s also a career for those who want to push at the boundaries of what’s possible, whether that’s game changing delivery tech or the decarbonisation of the supply chain.


A sector as diverse as ours needs a diverse workforce. All ages, all backgrounds, all skillsets.

The greater the diversity of people, the greater the diversity of the skills in the sector, the better the sector will be.

Because of that, you can be sure that logistics is somewhere that your talents will be appreciated, where your skills will be developed, and where your ambitions can be realised.


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