Betsy Porter – Maersk

Company: Maersk

Role: Customs Processing Administrator

Some people enjoy routine – the same tasks and challenges, learnt and overcome. But for Betsy Porter, a rewarding career is one in which diversity pops up on a daily basis.

“I chose the position because I knew each day would be different. I felt my role would challenge me, and before I joined I was looking forward to developing my knowledge.”

Her responsibilities as a Customs Processing Administrator at Maersk are diverse and fulfilling. “My role consists of handling a range of customs entries for a range of customers and items – systems such as Destin8, CNS and CDS.”

Why fulfilling? “I learn something new every day”, says Betsy. There’s always room for development and practice, improving my customer service skills all the time.”

Betsy’s enthusiastic approach has led to responsibility too, trusted by leaders in her department and team.

“My career highlight? Being asked to be my department’s CDS champion. We needed one key person to learn all the ins and outs of the new (CDS) system, before completing training with our wider team.

That person was Betsy, and her abilities and commitment helped ensure a smooth transition within the department. And, we expect, a smooth transition along her chosen career path too.