Brooke Neilson- BIFA

Company: Trade Association

Role: PR & Communication Officer

Within BIFA, Brooke is responsible for the creation and distribution of all Member communications including social media, e-newsletters, and website updates, including industry updates and event promotion.

As she started as an apprentice, there were no formal qualifications that she needed prior to starting at BIFA. During her time here, Brooke has been working towards a Level 4 in PR & Communications.


Ever since her GCSEs, Brooke knew she wanted to go into digital communications, as the variety of the role always appealed to her. Brooke started looking online and came across the apprenticeship website, which is where she found and applied for her current role at BIFA.


Whilst not being in the operational side of logistics, given the nature of her role, she is constantly surrounded by logistics, a world in which she never thought she would find herself. The best thing about Brooke’s role is the variety of tasks she undertakes on a day to day basis.


“I know it’s a bit of a cliché to say ‘no two days are the same’ but no other phrase describes my role as precisely as this. My role spans the entire team at BIFA so there’s no predicting what will come my way, but that is what makes my job so refreshing and exciting!”

The highlight that stands out the most in Brooke’s career so far would be the campaign behind the 2023 BIFA awards. She was solely responsible for the entire communications campaign which was an incredibly daunting task! The campaign itself is the most complex that BIFA runs each year, and she knew from the start that it would be a massive job. It combined communications, PR, and advertising and was something completely new to her.


Looking back, the campaign ran smoothly, and this is something that she is immensely proud of. Knowing that she was trusted by the team at BIFA to carry out the entire campaign herself, despite her junior level within the business, filled her with confidence.