Charlotte Firth – Wincanton

Company: Wincanton

Role: Project Engineer

As an Engineering Graduate, Charlotte was looking for a position that offered her the perfect combination of development and experience across a wide field of application.

“With no prior experience, this role did exactly that. I’m learning and developing my engineering skills while being exposed to many fields of automation and robotics. Even better, the career progression was clear.”

Charlotte joined Wincanton in a temp HR role, but soon moved into a Data Analysis role, and then into the engineering position she has now.

“I’m responsible for supporting the design and implementation of various automations and mechanisation projects across the group. I’m working towards gaining my engineering chartership and longer term would like to become a Senior or Director Engineer.”

Despite her ambition, Charlotte never planned to be in logistics. In fact, it was never even on her radar.

“It was not something that was ever mentioned at careers events at university and college, so it never seemed like an option for me. But now that I have the experience I have, I can see the potential that similar graduates like me have in the sector.”  

She heartily recommends considering the sector to anyone making career decisions right now – especially because some of the pathways and skills required aren’t always obvious until you take a closer look.

“There are roles that you’d never imagine linking to logistics. It’s a massively growing industry so things are only going to get bigger.”