Chryssa Metaxa – Maersk

Company: Maersk

Role: Area Compliance Professional

As an Area Compliance professional, Chryssa’s primary responsibility involves providing support and guidance across the organization. Her role centres on upholding compliance and facilitating seamless processes within and between departments. This encompasses adherence to both local laws and policies, as well as the ethical standards and values established by the Group.

Chryssa believes that a law degree is a big advantage for this role. She was drawn to this internal opportunity due to the prospect of overseeing the entire UKI organization, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of each department’s functions. This aligns with her professional goals and allows her to contribute effectively to the overall success of the organization.

In the course of my prior professional experiences, Chryssa cultivated a strong sense of agility, a keen understanding of pain points, and a problem-solving mindset. These attributes have consistently proven instrumental in navigating complex challenges and contributing to successful outcomes.

Chryssa’s tenure at the Liverpool Civil and Family Court afforded her the invaluable opportunity to collaborate with esteemed barristers. This experience equipped her with the skills to confront challenging issues head-on while maintaining a resolute demeanour, even in adverse situations.