David Browne – Maersk

Company: Maersk

Role: Corporate and Social Affairs

Amongst other responsibilities David represents Maersk to Government, industry bodies and speak at industry seminars and forums on the Maersk journey towards Net Zero and the actions being taken to reduce emissions in this decade and the next so that our whole business will be Net Zero by 2040.

Having worked at Maersk for many years there was no direct qualification needed for this role as much was about knowledge learned in our commercial business and then additional knowledge has been gained both within Maersk but also working closely with industry bodies and academia in the UK and overseas.

David first joined Maersk by answering a direct advert for business trainees. He has achieved other roles in the business also by responding through the Internet Job Portal. For this particular role it developed from my previous and as such was an evolution of what was already being done.

Having worked predominately on the Commercial side of the business then previous work experience was linked to building rapport and relationships. Listening and understanding problems. From a management perspective these skills were also valid however leadership skills came from the school rugby team and developed from the sports field into the business world.

Currently, David’s role linked to the environment gives great satisfaction to ensure that not only are we doing things to improve the world, but we can inspire and assist other companies to do the same. Across the board Maersk are improving life for all by connecting the world which in itself is rewarding but doing that sustainably is a double hit.

There have been many career highlights, each year brings more. Many would be seeing staff progressing and improving their own abilities. More recently our first green methanol powered containership arrived in the UK and later he was able to discuss that with Princess Anne