Harry Bromage – TESCO

Company: Tesco

Role: Night Warehouse Service Shift Manager

For Harry, logistics wasn’t part of the career plan, but as he began his career journey he realised that the professional experiences he’d had in other roles gave him the perfect skillset to thrive in the sector.

“To be honest I never thought I would ever be part of a logistics team. My first job leaving school was as a sheet metal worker creating and repairing Jaguar E-Types. Looking back, that role gave me the ability to find creative solutions. And then I started working for Tesco.”

That first position with Tesco was as a picker at a distribution centre, but within a year he’d become a warehouse service coordinator. This showed him the progression prospects available to him in logistics, and gave him a taste of a fast paced work environment. From there he began to hone his skills according to his interests, particularly in regards to planning technology.

“In my current role as a transport planner, I optimise the planning and execution of fresh and grocery product transportation from distribution centres to stores. I test and develop new in-house planning software and look for ways to identify and implement initiatives aimed at reducing our company’s carbon footprint.”

Harry feels that his career journey has helped him evolve as a professional and to embrace the responsibility that’s come his way.

“I feel quite privileged to be trusted to do the job I do, and get a kick out of seeing the cost and efficiency savings that my work has contributed to.”