John Aitken – Amazon

Company: Amazon

Role: Inbound Flow Lead

Logistics draws people from all walks of life, from those with a background in the military, business or science, to the cultural and performing arts sector – like John. After seven years performing around the world, experiencing a wealth of cultural diversity, John decided it was time for a switch.

‘I decided to pursue a career in business through Amazon in Central Scotland. Through the Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship, I’m able to take up a position whilst studying for a BA Hons in Business Management at Glasgow Caledonian University.’

With a passion for the arts equally matched by a passion for business, John is developing skills and knowledge around Amazon’s operational business, ready to dive into a busy workplace helping one of the world’s largest and most famous businesses.

‘I’ve felt welcomed by everyone at Amazon, and I’m proud to say that I’m an Amazonian! I’m looking forward to where my career will take me.’

Given he’s already come so far, we expect there’s plenty more to come from John.