Karolina Gill – Cold Chain Federation

Company: Cold Chain Federation

Role: Buffaload Class 1 Driver

Karolina proves that there is always an opportunity to learn and develop within the Logistics industry.

Starting out in the Operational teams at Buffaload, Ellington, as a Transport Administrator, she decided on an exciting new career path within the company.

“There are two reasons why I decided to qualify as a driver; first of all, I love driving and have always admired truck drivers, it’s not an easy job. Secondly, I have always believed that in life it is worth improving your qualifications. I like it when something changes in my life.”

Karolina worked hard and passed the required tests. From there, she was assisted in her journey by the Buffaload Driver Training Team, who, she says, “allowed me to train in the yard to be more confident on the road. We have really great trainers with good tips.”

Reflecting on her change in career, Karolina speaks highly of her teams, past and present:

“I like that I had the opportunity to start a new interesting job with the Buffaload team. I also like contact with people, and have good relations with colleagues from the office.”