Kaylem Richards – Marshall Fleet Solutions

Company: Marshall Fleet Solutions

Role: Apprentice Engineer

Kaylem is an Apprentice Transport Refrigeration Engineer with Marshall Fleet Solutions.

It’s a role that involves spending time on-site with customers all over the country. Some are big, some are small, and they’re in all sorts of lines of business – from groceries to cosmetics and even pharmaceuticals. That means the work is really varied – no two days are the same, and he’s always learning which is great! Another important part of his apprenticeship is going to college to get his level 3 NVQ.

Kaylem needed several GCSEs as well as a basic understanding of English and Maths in order to be eligible for his apprenticeship. He also needed a driver’s license given the amount of travel required.

Kaylem did quite a lot of searching on job boards for apprenticeships, and the role with Marshall Fleet Solutions stood out because of the opportunities to travel and the choice of different locations to work from.

“If I’m being really honest, when I was searching for jobs I didn’t really know what it meant to work in logistics, so I didn’t know how well I’d be suited. I just took a shot!”

Once Kaylem started, he realised he was in the right area – it’s perfect for someone like him who had always preferred working with his hands over traditional academic work.

Kaylem loves that he can own his work, seeing a process from start to finish, looking at what he’s done and realising he’s made an impact.

The thing Kaylem has enjoyed the most so far has been getting his own van. He sees it as a sign that he’s trusted to go out, do his job and take responsibilities.