Laura Morrison – Wincanton

Company: Wincanton

Role: Operations Director

Responsibility and leadership are skills Laura Morrison can’t do without in her role as Operations Director at Wincanton. She’s accountable for eight sites, covering logistics for some of the biggest brands around – Co-op, Heinz, Weetabix and Nestle for example.

But for Laura, people always come first.

“I focus on first class health and safety, wellbeing, employee engagement, and the succession and development of every team and team member. Continuous improvement drives better operation performance, enabling our people to collaborate – all of which adds supply chain value.”

Recent qualifications in LEAD and NextGen build on comprehensive internal training and development which began when Laura joined the industry in 2004.

“As soon as I started, I knew I had found my place to be. I enjoyed the roles I had, I enjoyed the teams I worked with, and I was surrounded by great leadership teams. Logistics gave me opportunities to grow and took me out of my comfort zone.”

That sense of achievement is something we all search for in a career, but it’s not the only reward for Laura. In 2021 she also won an Every Woman award for Above and Beyond in Warehouse and Transport – a celebration of her progress and ability.