Liam McConnell – DHL Express

Company: DHL

Role: Service Centre Manager

Liam started working in logistics at 18, but at that point he wasn’t thinking about it as a possible career.

“I just wanted to earn some extra money during college, but then I quickly saw the opportunities at DHL.”

He regularly put himself forward for more hours, and as he did so it was given more tasks and more responsibilities – to the point he realised he was already building a career in the role. From there, things moved quickly.

“I completed various roles in different departments, and even though I’ve been here at DHL for years, I’ve never stopped learning along the way.”

In his current role, Liam manages a Service Centre, which he attributes to hard work, and having the vision to see the opportunity and job satisfaction ahead of him.

“Logistics is fast-paced and you need to work hard, but you can really feel the reward when you help solve other people’s problems. It’s also really interesting to see some of the important shipments we have to get around the world, from life-saving equipment to high value bank documents.”

In 2016, aged just 21, Liam won the ‘Employee of the Year’ award and was taken to Venice for an all expense paid trip as a reward for his hard work and commitment.