Neve O’Callaghan – Maersk

Company: Maersk

Role: Customs Process Administrator

Neve was at a point in her life when she wanted to further her career within an organisation that supports young people and loves to see them thrive. After being referred for her position by a family member, Neve quickly slipped into place amongst a team she now considers to be the best part of her job.

“What attracted me to the job was how everyone I spoke to who has worked for Maersk always had a positive experience.”

As a Customs Process Administrator, Neve’s role is to help complete the documents required for different types of cargo to enter and or leave the country. Her role requires excellent time management, reliability, and a drive to grasp the diverse opportunities that Maersk offers by the horns.

“There are no specific qualifications required for this Job. Just an individual that is willing to learn and adapt to what has been thrown their way. I think anyone can do well in this job as long as they have the right attitude.”

Neve has really enjoyed seeing herself grow from when she first started, to the position to where she is now, “My career highlight is probably seeing how much my confidence has grown, having come into this field without any prior knowledge.”