Santa Stankune – Wincanton

Company: Wincanton

Role: Transport Team Manager

Every day as a Transport Team Manager is different, for Santa. Supporting the management of a team of drivers means dealing with duties as varied as reporting and managing vehicle defects, operating transport software, briefing and debriefing drivers and getting involved with recruitment and welfare.

Such variety can be challenging at times, Santa suggests:

“Working under pressure and time management skills are really important. Around Christmas time, when volume was extremely high, we were struggling for roll cages – so I spent hours contacting stores to explain the importance of getting cages returned to our depot so they could ensure stock was delivered in time for Christmas.”

But it’s not just the daily opportunities offered to learn on the job that motivates Santa. She’s also studying for a BSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, working on a placement year – the third year of her degree.

“I found myself captivated by the way goods and services are managed and how they impact businesses. Learning about logistics and supply chain management showed me the exciting opportunities and challenges in the field. It made me passionate about contributing to efficient operations and optimising supply chains.

I wanted to make a real impact, so I knew this was the right choice for me.”