Sarah Donmez – Kuhene & Nagel

Company: Kuehne+Nagel

Role: UK Commercial Bid Manager

Upon leaving college at 18, Sarah secured a job as an export clerk at Clarks, she had no idea what that meant and spent the next couple of years trying to learn the language of logistics.

“Oh how logistics loves an acronym … upon leaving Clarks I joined a logistics company because I thought I knew everything about logistics, oh how wrong was I.”

After more than 25 years in logistics and having worked in the UK, Türkiye, UAE. Sarah has travelled the world in various roles and is still learning. Resilience, adaptability, and problem solving are 3 major skills that come to Sarah’s mind within logistics.


Once she started in logistics, Sarah was hooked. Logistics touches every single industry, every product you see, touch, and use, logistics has played a part. Learning the intricacies of logistics allows you to get to be involved in anything from ensuring products are in the shops for people to buy, medicines and equipment in the hospitals for patients and if lucky even logistics to support those in our armed forces protecting each of us.

Within logistics there is a role for everyone. Whether that be a fixed amount of hours, flexible working hours in a fixed location or flexible locations and hours logistics has it all.


Sarah feels that she has been fortunate that there have been many career highlights but if she has to choose then it was the difference, she felt she made during the lockdown both to the company and our country. Logistics really came to the forefront during the pandemic and for those of us in it, we had to simply roll up our sleeves and get involved in keeping the world moving.