Tyrone Moulton – DHL Supply Chain

Company: DHL

Role: Warehouse Manager

Tyrone saw logistics as a sector that could offer him not just a job but a career – with prospects and opportunities for the future. 

As a Warehouse Manager at DHL his ambitions have been stoked and he’s been able to target further professional progression.

‘Since I’ve been at DHL I’ve been on a steady incline in terms of roles, working my way through various development checkpoints.”

In line with his professional development, he’s already targeting future roles to work towards.

“I want to progress and develop further into roles like senior operations manager, or site leader, or similar, and increase my influence and impact at the company.” 

Tyrone’s current role isn’t just a stepping stone though; he’s passionate about what he does and the people he works with:

“When I come to work I care about my job, and I care about what I do, and I love that the people around me also care about what they are here to achieve and the successes we may have.

We win together and we lose together.”