Customer Care

Customer care sounds simple – it’s just answering enquiries, right? – but it’s actually the glue that holds the link between logistics and customers together.

Communication is the name of the game here, whether that’s speedily solving problems with the potential to disrupt global supply chains, or scoping out logistics possibilities before customers have even imagined them.

You can explore the specific roles below. Check out the prospects, the pay and the requirements – and see if it sounds like you.



There are opportunities to progress from £23K up to £28K, depending on experience and role.

You’ll need to talk the talk, because clear communication is essential for customer care. Problem solving, fact finding and keeping a cool head in a crisis will all be a factor too.

You might have customer care experience or logistics experience, or neither. The main thing is a passion for people and problem solving, and the desire to learn as you go.

Those who love to deliver great service, setting the standard and making sure customers feel like logistics just… works! Your communication skills are your greatest asset, so you’ll get a kick from interacting with customers and colleagues.


Salaries start from £19K, reaching £27K for those with more experience or higher skill levels.

When everything flows just right, the inventory manager has done their job. Helping your customers manage the ins and the outs is your speciality, whether that’s working as part of a team or independently.

You might have customer care experience, or logistics experience or neither. The main thing is a passion for people and problem solving, and the desire to learn as you go. All whilst improving processes and minimising errors and wastage.

Those who’ve always found focus in attention to detail, and the satisfying sense of flow their work helps produce. The role considers the art of the possible, predicting what goes where, when and how.

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