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Logistics might be about moving things around in the real world, but all that physical activity – the lorries, planes, ships and boats – is underpinned by a digital world of tech and services, from the apps that customers use to track their delivery through to the automated robotics in the warehouse.

Though Digital Tech might feel like a supporting role, the skills and innovations the discipline drives are vital in moving logistics forward. And the skills required to do so are some of the most valuable on the job market.

You can explore the specific roles below. Check out the prospects, the pay and the requirements – and see if it sounds like you.


Salaries start from £19K, reaching £27K for those with more experience or higher skill levels.

Using your design skills in the digital space across a huge range of executions, from internal software and online tools, through to customer facing apps and websites. Anywhere a customer or colleague interacts with Digital Tech, a designer’s work can be found.

If you’re applying for a more senior role, relevant design experience is a must – but it doesn’t have to be in the logistics sector. New starters might have recently qualified and be looking to kickstart a career.

A self-motivated person who’s always at the forefront of the latest trends, tech and innovations. Creative thinkers who get the details right, and enjoy working on new projects and meeting new challenges.



Salaries start from £24K, reaching £26K for those with more experience or higher skill levels.

Making sure the Digital Tech services that logistics depends on requires leadership and vision, and both service managers and project managers are there to provide that. Developing and testing new services, seeing projects through from conception to completion and overseeing teams working on the latest tech all form part of these kinds of roles.

Experience managing and planning projects and services is the most important requirement, whether that’s in the logistics industry or elsewhere. If you can hit the ground running, you can learn the rest on the job.

A tech focussed leader looking to see things through. Clear communication and organisational skills will go a long way here, as well as a passion for innovation and uncovering the next big thing in digital and tech.

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