Sales and Marketing

Logistics is no good if it can’t connect with customers who need the services our sector provides. That’s where sales and marketing comes in – the first step in that fruitful relationship.

It’s the shiny shop window of the industry, showing off all the fantastic stuff we can do today, and the services we could provide tomorrow too.

You can explore the specific roles below. Check out the prospects, the pay and the requirements – and see if it sounds like you.



Dependent on experience but it could be anything from £25K to £28K, for a more senior position.

Working with the logistics businesses they represent, account managers and account directors help coordinate sales and marketing activity that shows off the range of services our sector has to offer.

Marketing is a broad field, so lessons learnt across a range of sectors could provide easily transferable skills. If you know how to manage a project, talk to a customer and seal a deal then you can do it for logistics. Experience, leadership and communication apply universally.

Those who can read a room (or an online conference call) and help create connections that grow businesses and sell services. Account managers and directors often lead teams or coordinate colleagues, so you’ll thrive on getting the most out of those around you.



Salaries start from £19K, reaching £27K for those with more experience or higher skill levels.

Sales executives and marketing executives are team players, working with colleagues to connect logistics businesses with their customer base. If you don’t know the term ‘digital native’, you probably aren’t one – but you’ll need to live in that space to thrive in these roles.

Executive level positions are the ideal jumping off point for a career in sales and marketing, so you could be someone newly qualified looking for that first role. Or you might have experience working in a different sector, or for a different service. Don’t worry, you’ll have the time and resources to get to know logistics.

Team players who enjoy delivering for clients and customers. Because when you win business or make a sale for a logistics company you represent, you’re helping grow a vibrant industry that’s transforming the way the UK does business!

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