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Solutions design pretty much does what it says on the tin. Designing solutions to logistics problems or challenges is, quite literally, the name of the game. Solutions designers are experts at understanding what customers need, and working out ways to provide it through design methodology.

It’s not just flashes of inspiration, either. There might be multiple routes to the same (theoretical) destination, and solutions designers are able to weigh up the options, and decide on the most fruitful path forward.

You can explore the specific roles below. Check out the prospects, the pay and the requirements – and see if it sounds like you.


Dependent on experience but it could be anything from £25K to £27K.

Supply chains are complex things – everything needs to click into place to get goods and services from A to B. Those complex chains are the work of expert supply chain designers, whose job it is to make sure each element slots into place, anticipating problems and providing solutions before they happen.

It’s a specialised field, so some training and relevant qualifications will usually be required. But that doesn’t mean you need years of logistics experience. Transferable skills can go a long way, and there are always opportunities to retrain and upskill in post.

People who like to see things through, with an eye on the details from beginning to end. If you’re the type of person who looks at a model train set and thinks ‘that would work better if I just…’ then supply chain design might be for you.


Starting around £25K, with plenty of opportunities to progress to senior roles.

Data science is the key to unlocking all sorts of solutions in the logistics industry. You’ll be dealing with big picture stuff, analysing and working with datasets that could be sourced from huge, multi-national audiences.

Training in data science is a natural pre-requisite, but you might be taking your first steps in a career in the field, or transitioning from a totally different sector. If you can work with numbers, and inform meaningful solutions, you’re in.

Those with a head for rules and figures, and for using all the tools at their disposal to find innovative ways to look at data. If you love to test out theories, and evaluate methodology, data science in the logistics industry will suit you.


Starting around £25K, with plenty of opportunities to progress to senior roles. You could earn up to £35K with experience.

It doesn’t get much cooler than working with robots, and few industries provide more opportunity for innovative and creative use of cutting edge automation, digital and mechanical solutions.

Designing those solutions requires technical skill, and a head for possibilities. You might be working independently, or as part of a team, but the digital and robotic solutions you provide will have a big impact right across supply chains.

People who like working in a field at the forefront of digital progress. It’s the kind of role that kids are amazed by, and that can herald a brilliant career.

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