Barbie Logistics

Looking for your dream role? We’ve reimagined Barbie as a logistics industry superstar!

Over the last couple of weeks, it has become impossible to read the news or open any social media app without being bombarded by absolutely everything… Barbie.

Ahead of the highly anticipated film release, we have reimagined what Barbie would look like if she was to be working in the many different roles that make up the logistics industry and unsurprisingly, due to Barbie’s previous record for making drastic career-switches, she suits them all!

And while you may think the Barbie story is about a doll who loves pink, the messaging behind the movie extends further than this. Barbie is a feminist icon, strong and independent, and she is living in a world where women rule. She never crumbles under pressure, is a problem-solver and a born leader – all key traits that are so highly valued within the logistics sector.

Women in Logistics

The logistics industry has typically been male-dominated, with less than a quarter of all logistics workers being women and only 13% in leadership roles.*

We recognise the value that women add to the industry and are always looking for female-powerhouses to fill the many different roles available in our dynamic industry.

Logistics Barbie

Barbie is a renowned high-achiever, with an incredible resume of skills, achievements and a long list of careers that most would envy.

Using AI, we’ve reimagined Barbie in a number of different roles in the logistics industry. From train driver to warehouse worker, these visualisations demonstrate that Barbie has found her feet within many different roles across the industry.

Here are some of the job roles reimagined in true Barbie style…