The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date!

You might not have thought about it before, but a good Valentine’s Day date is all about logistics. To bring the romance on the day, your planning needs to be on point.

To help you out, here’s our quickfire logistical take on some of your options.


1. Check the weather! This is the UK, people.

2. Keep the menu simple. Some foods aren’t made for transit.

3. Remember to pack all those essentials like blankets and chairs and utensils. Nothing kills romance like yoghurt without a spoon.

4. Bring bags for your rubbish!


1. Know the terrain. Make sure you know if there’s a hill climb involved.

2. Know your audience. Does your date actually enjoy walking? Worth knowing beforehand.

3. Check the weather. Yep this one again.

4. Dress correctly for the conditions (waterproof boots!) and make sure your date gets that memo ahead of time.


1. Umm… check the weather! Clouds are not your friend.

2. Bring telescopes. With stargazing, your eyes will only get you so far.

3. Warm things. In February, nights are cold affairs. Bring blankets and don’t skimp on the socks.

4. Turn off that phone. Yes, seriously. Not just to avoid the light pollution, but to get the full night ‘n’ stars experience. Not bad for stoking those romantic vibes, too.

New Skills

1. Choose the right skill for the date. Ice fishing is cool and everything… but you get really cold hands. Likewise, snake charming could be a gas, but will your date agree?

2. Make sure it’s something that encourages interaction. Although if you choose pottery, don’t assume it’s going to be like Ghost. There’s only one Swayze. 

3. Embrace incompetence. If you or your date is rubbish at said chosen skill, celebrate your rubbishness. 


1. Check willingness in advance. Don’t spring that urban grind class on them without forewarning. Panic is not good for romance.

2. Ideally do something new, together. It’s a weird vibe if they were Blackpool Young Ballroom Badass of the Year 2021, and you’ve only watched Strictly on the telly.

3. Leave your hobnail boots at home. It’s important your date still has toes at the end of the session.

Night In

1. Set the mood. Pretend you like candles, at least for the duration of the date.

2. Choose a menu you can cook without stress. No one enjoys a sweaty home cook.*

3. Plan for after the food. Games, films, music – you get the idea.

4. Stay agile. Just in case your plans will need to change. And if it happens, roll with it. Even if it means those home-made spring rolls get soggy.

* unless you already know  that they do. In which case, godspeed.

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