Driving in to the 21st Century

Yes. Truck Driving.

You might have come across content covering the introduction of self-driving HGVs, which are already in development around the world. Often, this content asks whether these vehicles could mean job losses for drivers. But that’s unlikely to be the case in the UK. Our extensive road network needs the human touch to navigate, so we’re likely to see the best of both – the driver as a ‘pilot’, in control of the automatic systems which power the vehicle, rather than driving manually themselves.

So many of these kinds of misconceptions are common. Just like the impression many people have that truck driving means long hours for low pay. The hours drivers can work are heavily controlled by the law to ensure the safety of both the truck drivers themselves and other road users. That makes HGV driving a great career for anyone with family commitments or valuable leisure time. Wages have also risen significantly over the past few years following a significant shortage in qualified drivers – Generation Logistics now estimates that a qualified HGV driver can earn more than £35,000 a year after completing the necessary training.


If you love to drive, want to see the world and don’t mind spending time alone on the road, then this could be the career for you.

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