Hinkley Point C

How logistics helps deliver the

low carbon power of the future.

Mega Project.

The numbers involved in the project are startling: 8,500 people work on the 432-acre site, and 230,000 tonnes of steel and 1.8 million cubic metres of concrete will be used during construction. When building a complex and vast £26 billion construction puzzle, the logistics operation is critical to ensure the right thing is in the right place at the right time. The risk of costly disruptions to build schedules is high, and Wincanton plays a pivotal role in minimising downtime by ensuring surety of supply across many thousands of product lines.

Work in Logistics.

The Hinkley Point C construction highlights the expertise and diverse roles that exist in the logistics sector and shows how logistics is fundamental in large scale projects. If you are interested in a career in logistics, get in touch and you could be working on key infrastructure projects, like HPC, that ensure the lights are kept on and vehicles charged for generations to come.