Inside The Warehouse

All those cogs fit together thanks to something called ‘supply chain management’. This measures the actual use of a particular product by customers, so warehouse staff can make sure that product makes it to its destination without spending too much time in the warehouse. Because time (and storage) is money. Many warehouses are now partially or fully automated, providing real-time reporting to customers on stock levels so their goods aren’t sitting around inefficiently.

Fully automated production lines – which select the products to be distributed – might seem like a totally hands-off process. But they need skilled people to oversee them. If you’re a ‘big picture’ person, and you like keeping all the moving parts working as one, then this could be the job for you. And with so many areas of the industry now employing robotics to take over repetitive or more menial tasks, warehousing offers a chance to get to grips with some of the most exciting, coolest tech out there. Then there’s the 3D modelling and augmented reality you might be called to use for space management, making sure what needs storing finds a home without wasting valuable floor space or risking damage.


It’s Meccano, or Minecraft, for grownups.

So yeah, maybe we’ll retract the ‘boring’ part.

Let’s just call them ‘big boxes’. Big boxes that keep the nation’s supply chains running. Big boxes we think you might just want to work inside.