Meet the people delivering Black Friday to the nation

We speak to one of DHL’s emerging talents helping to deliver Black Friday bargains to the nation and beyond.

British consumers are expected to spend 7.5% more this Black Friday weekend (1) in comparison to last year’s total spend, equating to £8.71 billion.

With a huge £4.81 billion spent online on Black Friday last year (2), Generation Logistics has spoken to the people delivering this year’s Black Friday bargains to the UK.

New research reveals that consumer spending is expected to vary across each generation. It’s predicted that Gen Z consumers are more likely to take advantage of the sales more than any other age group, Whilst those up to the age of 26 are expected to spend around 13% more than Millenials and 193% more than Boomers (3).

With so much money expected to be spent online this Black Friday period, an efficient logistics system is essential to fulfil customer deliveries. From warehousing where goods are stored and processed, to customer services who make sure the customer is happy and fully informed, to people working on infrastructure, and the transportation team who plan and physically transport the goods to the customer, every stage of the logistics journey is critical to a successful delivery.

The Support team is equally as important. This can include engineers, who design, maintain and repair key infrastructure and technologies, to solutions design managers, who assess and fix any issues in the supply chain, sales and marketing teams, human resources, finance and consultancy. These processes all happen behind the scenes while the consumer sits and waits for their parcel to be delivered!

It’s estimated the logistics industry employs 2.7 million individuals throughout the UK (4), so there are plenty of job roles available to get involved in. Operational roles range from warehousing, network solutions and transport to support functions such as customer services, finance and marketing.

Generation Logistics, has spoken with one of DHL’s emerging talents responsible for delivering Black Friday deals to the nation and international consumers: Gurkiran Kaur Rai, Transport Operations Manager at DHL Express.

Generation Logistics has spoken with one of DHL’s emerging talents responsible for delivering Black Friday deals to the nation and international consumers: Gurkiran Kaur Rai, Transport Operations Manager at DHL Express.

“I have worked every Black Friday for the last six years. It is definitely a challenge, but one that as a team we are all fully prepared for. The holiday period is one of my favourite times to work – you finish every shift knowing that you’ve played a part in delivering Christmas!

As a Transport Operations Manager, it is my responsibility to ensure that shipments move to their next destination in the network efficiently, so that they reach consumers on time. At this time of year, precise planning and communication with our customers, drivers and other colleagues across the business is essential to ensure smooth deliveries throughout the peak holiday periods.

I love my job – it’s incredibly rewarding with great benefits and perks. But for me, the main benefit is working with an amazing group of people who keep the DHL Express network moving.”

Bethany Windsor, Programme Director at Generation Logistics, commented: “Black Friday is one of the busiest times in the year for logistics, and with these stats revealing just how much we can expect to be spent on buying goods online, it’s set to be another busy year! Logistics plays such a vital role in ensuring consumers are getting their Black Friday deals delivered on time – yet it’s something I’m sure a lot of consumers won’t think about when they wait for their parcels in the post.

“With so many roles and responsibilities needed for a successful supply chain, it really shows the amount of career opportunities available for those looking to work in a busy industry that’s key to everything we do. Through Generation Logistics, we aim to raise awareness of the different roles, and encourage the next generation of logistics professionals, as we work hard to keep the country running from this Black Friday, to the next!”

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