My Logistics Pathway #1 – Mick Wright


Mick Wright has had an awesome career in logistics, and a trajectory and diversity of roles that encapsulates the massive opportunity of the sector. It took him a little bit more than ten years  to become Head of Logistics at the London 2012 Olympics…but not a whole lot more! And that’s with many chapters of his logistics career still to be written.

“My first role in Logistics was in 1996 – up to that point I’d been working in Human Logistics Management. In 2000 I started working for a joint venture between Sony Music & Warner Music.” 

Mick then went on to gain further experience through roles with Woolworths and TK Maxx, before landing the job that would change his life.

“I had the opportunity to apply for the position of Head of Logistics for London 2012. After that, my career transformed and I’ve worked on major international events ever since. It’s allowed me to branch out across the full range of functions required to deliver major international events.”

As Mick discovered, logistics is a sector that is required by virtually every other sector, meaning the opportunities for those who have the experience and skill sets are endless. 

“The principles, process approach and leadership skills that logisticians develop can really open doors in a career.”

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