Customer Service Apprentice

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Customer Service Apprentice


Date Posted:
August 2022

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Our Reading call centre is looking for a Customer Service Apprentice.

The Frontline Customer Service department is responsible for handling the vast majority of contacts between DHL and customers on a daily basis.

The Frontline Customer Service Advisor is a key role for Customer Service, whose ultimate aim is logging customer’s bookings, maximising the booking conversion and increasing sales of value added services within the product offering and tracking customer’s shipments.

As an apprentice within the frontline department, you will support the function as outlined above, whilst attending the necessary workshops and learning interventions in order to complete your apprenticeship programme within the required timeframe.

Your role, if progressed to Backline, is dealing with both customer and shipment tracking requests. You will be required to assist in reducing the volume of delayed shipments and undeliverable shipments within the DHL network by proactively contacting customers and providing required information to the relevant DHL function.


Customer Service Apprentice